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There are some people who cut their wrists on purpose with a sharp object with an aim of ending their life. They wait and bleed to death after the cut. Although this method can lead to death, it is not the wisest of ideas. Continue reading this article and learn about suicide by cutting wrist.

Is suicide by cutting wrist effective?

Cutting wrists is not one of the best ways to kill yourself. There are so many reasons for that:

  • Relatives or family members might find the victim before they bleed to death.
  • There is a huge possibility of making a wrong type of cut.
  • Victims will mostly hesitate and make several cuts which are not deep to cause death. It is one way that the police determine whether it was an attempted suicide or a false alarm. Most people who commit suicide this way have many cuts. Most of them tend to have practiced before.
  • The suicide victim can panic and begin running around with blood gushing all over the room. You can begin cutting yourself in a bathtub, go into a shock and start running around.

To ovoid this, people take painkillers and cut themselves in a bathtub with warm water. With a precise cut that is deep enough the process might be a success.

Suicide by cutting wrists is not the best suicide method. There are other ways with better success rates. Most people who attempt this kind of suicide end up surviving. We’ve seen people who live with crazy scars after surviving this type of suicide.

Suicide by cutting wrists is very painful, has high possibilities of survival and hard to have a precise cut.

For a victim to bleed out to death, they need to open up their veins in both arms. The cut can be from a wrist to the elbow. Depending on your body fat, the cut might have to be around 2cm deep. If you’ve cut yourself before, you know 2cm is too much. There is reduced possibility that a victim will manage to just cut with a razor that deep to avoid cutting themselves severally.

The process gets harder once your cutting object, arms and arm are full of blood. Cutting your second arm becomes harder because you’re already bleeding and in pain and you’ve already injured several sinews or tendons that reduce movement of the hand.

Additionally, you can manage to make both cuts, there is another issue; blood clots fast and it will be impossible to stop it because you’ll be unconscious because of reduced blood pressure. There is a possibility your cuts will stop bleeding before you die. In the end, you will wake with several side effects like nausea, severe headache and more. Don’t forget the permanent scars you’ll leave in your body.

What is the alternative?

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As you’ve seen, the drugs come in many forms including powder, pills and liquid. If taken correctly, all the drugs above guarantee a quick and painless death.

What is Pentobarbital Nembutal?

It is a drug belonging to a group of drugs called barbiturates. It works by reducing the activities of the central nervous system and the brain. When you take them in correct doses, a quick and fast death is a guarantee.

In nations where euthanasia is legal, physicians use Nembutal and other related drugs to end people’s lives without pain.

What is Potassium Cyanide?

It is a very lethal chemical that works by producing hydrogen cyanide gas. The chemical is very strong and works by stopping the ability of your body to use oxygen. Exposure to tiny amounts of the chemical can be fatal. It affects most vital organs in the whole body that are sensitive to low oxygen levels in the body such as your brain, central nervous system, cardiovascular system and more.

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Final words

Suicide by cutting wrists is not a very wise method to kill yourself. It comes with a lot of disadvantages and pain. Choose our drugs for a more dignified death.