How to kill a sick and suffering pet
How to kill a sick and suffering pet

Watching your pet suffer can be very disturbing. If it’s sick and suffering, killing it humanely is always a great option. But how do you do it? In this article, we will teach you how to kill a sick and suffering pet. Read on to learn more.

What is pet euthanasia?

Pet euthanasia is administering a barbiturates overdose to stop the pet’s heart. You can administer the euthanasia drugs via injections or intravenous catheter. The method is peaceful and painless if done correctly.

Most pet owners choose this method when their pet is sick and suffering and has no chance of recovery. City pounds and animal shelters can euthanize pets. Most shelters have started adopting no-kill methods and will only euthanize in certain circumstances.

When a pet is being euthanized, owners can opt to be present or not. Some vets can come to your home to euthanize your pet, which is a brilliant idea if you think taking your dog to a pet hospital or clinic will be stressful.

Before euthanizing your pet, most veterinarians will invite pet owners into the examination room. They will leave them with their pets for a while so that they can spend their last moments together.

If you think your pet is sick and suffering and you would love to kill it peacefully and painlessly, talk to your vet if euthanasia is a good idea. They can provide opinions and advice and then you can decide.

The correct procedure for pet euthanasia. How to kill a sick and suffering pet. 

Some vets will give the pet a sedative before the euthanasia process to make them calm and reduce anxiety. However, this is not standard practice in every clinic. You can request your veterinarian for a sedative if you think your pet needs it.

Most veterinarians use pentobarbital for euthanasia. It is a very strong drug that causes the brain and heart to shut down when administered in strong doses.

Pet owners need to realize that some pets, just like humans react badly to needles. They can vocalize or whine during injection, which might be disturbing. It’s important to prepare yourself mentally for this procedure.

But most pet owners don’t know is euthanasia is very quick. If done correctly, death occurs fast. They can expect little suffering and the process will be over.

At times they can hear a gasping sound from the pet after death. It’s simply air coming out of the lungs. The pet’s bladder can evacuate as well. They are all involuntary reflexes after death. The pet doesn’t feel any pain at that moment. However, they can be very disturbing to pet owners. Do not expect your pet’s eyes to close immediately too. 

Should you be present during your pet’s euthanasia? How to kill a sick and suffering pet.

There is no definite answer to this question. If it makes sense to you, then you can be present. Your pet will feel more comfortable when you’re there, but this is mostly about choices.

If you think your kids will think you’re harming the pet or will find it hard to understand the euthanasia process, it’s wise to exclude them in the process. Seeing a pet they loved die might not be good for their emotions. If the kids are mature enough, you might allow them to be present.

It’s wise to ask the vet for an opinion.

Note that pets especially dogs look for a human companion in such situations. The euthanasia process might be frightening to them and they will need a comfort source. If you fail to be there for them, their final moments might be very unpleasant.

What are the burial options after euthanasia?

Even if the euthanasia process comes with a lot of emotions, it’s wise to think beforehand about where to take the pet’s remains. You can do it yourself or ask the clinic to provide the services to you.

Pet owners who haven’t arranged how they’ll bury their pets can ask the clinic to provide group cremation. In this type of cremation, the owner doesn’t get the pet’s ashes. The pet owner can also ask for individual cremation if they want to receive the pet’s ashes.

There is also the option of burying the pet’s body. Note that different states and municipalities have different laws on burying pets. Be sure to check out these laws. If you live in a rural area, this might not be an issue. Only towns and cities have tough regulations.

Which is the cheaper and better option?

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Final thoughts

Euthanasia is a good option to end a pet’s suffering. It can give your pet a painless, peaceful death surrounded by love. It is what most pet owners would want. Although it’s awful to say goodbye, it is important to decide on what’s the right way to put down your pet.