Cost of Dog euthanasia
Cost of Dog euthanasia.

There are multiple amazing things about dogs. However, it is always awful when you have to euthanize your dog. How much will it cost for a dog Euthanasia?  Euthanizing your dog is one of the toughest things in life for every pet owner.

Pet owners know that veterinarian services aren’t cheap. Depending on the available options, euthanizing your pet will cost approximately $50 to $300. Some vets might charge more.

The cost of dog euthanasia depends on several factors. They include:

The location

Dog owners can decide to euthanize their pet at the veterinarian’s office, or they can opt to pay an extra fee to have the vet administer euthanasia at their homes. Surrounding your dog with familiar smells and sights can help calm it and make the procedure friendly. It also gives the pet owner a comfortable last moment with the pet.

The cost of home euthanasia can be over $150 and might go up to $300 depending on the distance between your home and the clinic.

The service

You can get your dog euthanized at a vet’s office or visit a nonprofit organization. If your dog has been visiting the veterinarian’s office or a particular vet, it can be calmer in their presence.

Normally, nonprofit groups charge less. Organizations such as the Anti-Cruelty Society will charge way less compared to a traditional veterinarian office. It will charge $35 for euthanasia services. However, if the pet owners still cannot afford it, the group gives them other options such as payment plans.


Dog owners can opt to keep the dog’s bodies to bury them or they can pay to have them buried at a pet cemetery. Cemetery burials will cost you over $750 which includes a casket and grave digging.

There is also the dog cremation option. You get the dog ashes after the cremation procedure. Pet owners will pay approximately $30 to $250. It depends on the options they select.

What happens during euthanasia? 

Typically, the vet will administer two shots to the pet. One is a sedative and the other is a lethal dose of euthanasia.

According to Dr. Shea Cox, a palliative and hospice care specialist in Northern California, the sedative provides a calm transition from the pet being conscious to unconscious. The only thing the pet will experience after the injection is falling into a deep sleep. It takes around 5-10 minutes. It is very important to know the cost of Dog euthanasia. 

When everyone is ready, the vet will give the second shot. The shot mainly consists of a lethal dose to put the dog down. The most common drug that vets use is pentobarbital. It is a very strong anesthetic that reduces the activities in the heart and finally stops it.

The vets can administer the injection intravenously to cause death within seconds or they can inject it in the abdomen. Death will occur in 15 minutes in the latter. In both cases, death is peaceful and painless. If the pet is sedated, it’ll not be aware of the lethal injection.

The only discomforting part during the whole process comes during the first injection. The dog will feel a pinch from it. It is very important to know the cost of Dog euthanasia. 

What do we recommend or dog euthanasia? 

As mentioned above, the cost of dog euthanasia might be very expensive for most people. What if we told you there is a cheaper way to put down your dog?

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Cost of Dog euthanasia.

  1. How much will I pay a Vet to put my dog down?

Using veterinary services for dog euthanasia is not cheap. The cost of euthanasia and burial/cremation depends on several factors. A vet can charge $50 to $300.

  • Which is the cheapest method to kill your dog?

Administering a lethal dose of a euthanasia drug at home is one the cheapest ways to put a dog down. When you buy the drugs from us, they come with clear instructions that you’ll follow to ensure the process is smooth.

  • Is it legal to put down your dog at home?

Euthanizing pets at home is legal. If the pet is sick and suffering and you can no longer cater for medical bills. It’s completely legal.  

Final thoughts

No pet owner enjoys putting his or her dog down. Losing a pet is a nightmare for most people. However, knowing how much it’ll cost to end the life of a sick and suffering dog is a good thing. It is very important to know the cost of Dog euthanasia.